Supplier Evaluation

Work only with the best suppliers.

Supplier Evaluation of a company are one of the most important quality factors of the products and services. In order to assure the quality guidelines, integration and efficiency of your company´s suppliers, allowing a better management of the information, we created Gatewit Supplier Evaluation®.

This solution provides the necessary tools for managing supplier quality, with the aim of analysing and evaluating their performance, controlling and optimising your company choices. Work only with the best suppliers.

1# Add suppliers

Add, validate and organise all the information about your suppliers and your evaluation models, loading automatically these information, with a simple Excel file importation.

2# Register evaluation

Select the supplier you want to evaluate and just fill out the information.

3# Analyse results

Filter the information you need and view the suppliers ranking. You can also check the scores received by each one of them.

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