Contract Management

Contract Management : Controls the Entire Lifecycle of Contracts

The contracts control and management by an organisation positively affects the company's financial performance and its exposure to risk. The main challenges facing procurement professionals focus on the difficulty in ensuring the fulfilment of contracts, loss of trading opportunities, low visibility on decentralised information and legal risks.

Gatewit Contract Management Platform® provides total visibility and control over your business contracts, dynamically and automated, from the request of the contract proposals and payments, to the management of its entire lifecycle.

Fostering a dynamic management, ensures total visibility over a contract, from its creation until the payment. This solution significantly improves the performance of the contract through the visibility generated by the creation of reports, simplifying the contracting and administrative procedures.

1# Creating Contract

After auto-import from the list of customers, configure the contract to create by associating the desired type of approval.

2# Attaching Documents

Associate all kinds of documents to the contract created keeping information organized.

3# Approval

Submit created contracts to a cycle of internal approval, send them to customers and simultaneously monitor all stages of the process.

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